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Tata Companies to Clean Udaipur Lakes

Udaipur. The Tata Group of Companies is going to undertake the responsibility of cleaning Lake Pichola. The company itself came forward with this proposal and currently there are talks being held. Actually the Lake Palace Hotel, which is located between this lake is being run by Tata Group(Taj) and it is being anticipated that soon this company will run other hotels also which are situated near this lake.
Additional District Collector B.R. Bhati has told that the representatives from the Tata Group had come to the administration with a proposal of cleaning Lake Pichola. With regard to this proposal there will be talks between Administration, Senior Officials, Nagar Parishad and Sichai Vibhag. Collector Hemant Gera has told that it will be beneficial for the lake if some big group of companies like Tata undertakes the responsibility of cleaning Lake Pichola without personal interests. The Security Head of Lake Pichola Mr. B.S Champawat commented that the thinking and intensions of the company has always been positive. Previously Taj Group has involved itself in giving support and help in cleaning Lake Pichola and it will always be ready to help in future also.
What was the Proposal- The Tata Group will be responsible for cleaning the Lake for the whole year. For this they have to take permission from the administration. Current situation- Currently the lake surrounding the Hotel remains clean and if there is any dirt, the management of Hotel gets the cleaning done. From Pichola this dirt or garbage moves to Gangaur Ghaat, then Kumhariya and finally reaches Rangsagar.
How will the city benefit from it: The people of this city will benefit from this proposal under following conditions i.e. along with Pichola the Tata should also be given responsibility of cleaning Kumhariya Talab, Rangsagar and Swaroop Sagar and the boats of Nagar Parishad should not be stopped from operating.

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