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Udaipur : A City with Soul

Udaipur the City of beautiful tranquil water Lakes and the City of Dawn is one of the most naturally beautiful cities on the planet earth. The rich cultural, social and natural heritage, aesthetic beauty and ecological richness, so far preserved through the surrounding lakes, serene and opulent hilly range of the Aravalis and lush green vegetation and pleasant gardens and harmonious built forms present a unique condition of scenic beauty. The magical beauty of this Lake Pichola allures the visitors again and again.

Udaipur, or rather Mewar, being one of the oldest kingdoms in the region, continues to instill even today a sense of pride among its people. Udaipur is a historic city and part of ancient Capital City of glorious Mewar of Maharana Pratap. Udaipur is also well known as The Venice of East, another Kashmir of India, and it offers one of the widest ranges of cultural heritage. Udaipur, by virtue of its interconnected lakes, has a large water retaining capacity. The lakes, mountains and the habitat of the city present an excellent example of harmony between the nature and the built environment.

The Heritage Fabric of Udaipur
The Heritage Fabric is so interwoven with the lives of the people that it influences the conduct of their lives and gives them a sense of belonging. Fabric as an integral part in the lives of the people of Udaipur city. The heritage fabric of udaipur is still preserved and covers a much wider range than at most other places in the India, of similar size and population. Various elements on the heritage fabric are still much better preserved than elsewhere.

The climate and social environment of the city is very pleasant and conductive to the visitors. The city continues to attract domestic as well as international tourists owing to a number of historical and religious land marks within the city as well as in the vicinity. Despite the continuously increasing tourism, cultural transformation and the growth of the city, it is still possible to experience the ethos of Udaipur in almost every part of it.