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Udaipur is well known as a education center since long time. The well identified educational facilities, Universities, colleges, institution, schools and educational center are part and indentity of Udaipur in the past time and it is growing towards a well known educational hub along with its identity of the Tourism by lakes; Marble and Mineral center in India and in the global map equally. Udaipur has achieved its identification as leading educational city of India in the last decade. Many government and private Universities, national level Engineering, Medical, Nursing colleges and Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) graduate business college are providing great quality education in Lakecity Udaipur.

We know that education is the medium which structures not only an individual but also the family, society, city, state and country. The prominent growth of a place is possible only when it provides boost in the field of education i.e. when it provides the local residents and the nearby migrants with a standard facility of educational institutions, highly qualified and experience faculties and the other necessary requisites which not only keeps the local people at ease but also helps them offer best quality education. Therefore it is an essential and basic requisite to educate youth as they are the only building block of the nation.

Udaipur is moving forward in Education Field. It provides an ample space for various schools, colleges and universities to provide educational atmosphere to the youth with ease without making them a migrant to any other big cities. There are several schools which facilitate basic and quality education to udaipurites and many government and private colleges and universities offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses in number of fields making them employable and stand out of the crowd.

There are also various educational centers, colleges, institutions, training centers, coaching institutes available in Udaipur providing facility to students in making it to their ‘dream career’. Various educational institutions are built here which counsels youth in getting their dream of future within the country and abroad. They counsel students as well in getting admission into world class universities. Thus Udaipur provides a fair opportunity and growth in the field of education making youth realize the importance and necessity of it.

The present growth and success shows that in the coming years Udaipur is going to be a leading ‘Education Hub’ of India with number of students along with number of success stories which will tend to outshine major cities.